Anirudh Dhawan, Quezada Architecture
Anirudh loves exploring the idea of seeing “spaces as a stories” and then seeing other people add their experiences to those stories as time goes on – how does everyday use change the space? To that end, he holds special interest in Computational Design, Digital Fabrication, and how these tools integrate within the practice of architecture, art, and industrial design. His background includes experience in single/multifamily residential, mixed use, masterplanning, interiors, as well as public art, sculpttpure and exhibition/ installation design.
Anirudh holds an Bachelor of Architecture with Honors from New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Post-Professional Masters Degree specializing in computational design and fabrication from the University of Southern California. His specialization includes BIM and systems coordination, 3d design optimization/rationalization and of the design of complex assemblies.
In his spare time, Anirudh designs and builds custom furniture and art installations. He also would love to travel around the world via motorcycle with his wife. You know, the simple joys. ​​​

University of Southern California, Master of Architecture, 2011
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Architecture, 2010

Awards & Exhibitions
2012 Suckerpunch Brooklyn Robotics Building Competition, Honorable Mention
2012 eCAADe Student Architecture Design Competition - 1st Prize
AIA LA 2 x8 Scholarship Award
USC Thesis Exhibition Index Nomination
AAC Digital Future Exhibition
T-Splines Design Contest - Best Student Design
ThinkSpace Ecological Borders Design Competition - Third Place
Sara Ward Nursery Competition - Second Place