project information

Uber World Headquarters


3rd Street,

Mission Bay, San Francisco, CA

Project Number:

15101 & 1515

Square Footage:

480,000 sf

Completion Date:


Project Type(s):






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LEED Status:

USGBC LEED-CI & USGBC LEED-NC Platinum Certifications Pending Review





Public Facing Description

The San Francisco Headquarters for Uber Technologies, located in the heart of Mission Bay, is comprised of one 6 story structure and one 11 story structure connected by transparent bridges spanning Pierpoint Lane. Both buildings feature state-of-the-art motorized, “breathing” facades which open to full height atriums blurring the lines between interior and exterior space. Included in the program are offices, cafes, childcare, and ground floor retail. QA collaborated with SHoP Architects NYC on core & shell architecture. Interior design by RMW.

Internal Project Information

Architect of Record / Executive Architect
Services / Scope:
Planning & Entitlements, Interiors Coordination through CA, Core & Shell Schematic Design through Construction Observation
LEED Rating:
USGBC LEED-CI & USGBC LEED-NC Platinum Certifications Pending Review
Project Delivery Method:
Fast Track Entitlements, Design-Build | Design-Bid-Build Systems | Negotiated Bid General Construction Contract
Construction Type:
Type IA, OCII Development, Mixed Use, Commercial
Software Used:
Autodesk Revit 2016, BIM 360 Glue, Rhino, Bluebeam, 3D Studio Max, Navisworks

Project Cost Information

Projected Cost:
$500 Million
Design Fees:
$ Example
Final Cost:
$ Example
Cost per Square Foot:

Insurance Information

Insurance limit requirements per contract:
Project excess coverage required?
Coverage start date:
Projected end date:
Actual end date:
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Internal Project Description:

QA is presently engaged in coordinating the interior Tenant Improvements design and the primary interior buildings core elements within each independent tower. The specific mixed-use amenities program for the interior design includes multi-purpose spaces, assembly flex-space areas, child care facilities, ground level retail, penthouse suite(s) and a sky-lit open theater below the operable roof. Interior common areas designs for general office functions are as divers as the unique floor plates that vary on ever floor of each tower.
Each of the two buildings feature vertically organized "commons" spaces providing for circulation and visual connection between office spaces and casual space placing activities and building program to the exterior for outside observes. The geometry and materiality within each building is calibrated to introduce modulated light and shadow creating dynamic spaces visible through transparent glass facades. The facades further feature operable windows and panels choreographed by each building's BMS system to open and close in response to climatic needs within. Software being used for this project includes Revit, Rhino, BIM 360 Glue and Navisworks.

The project is primarily allocated as office space, including open office areas for desks, amenities, and multi-purpose spaces. Additionally, city-serving retail spaces are included in each building at the ground level and a child care center, outdoor spaces and public-private landscape areas are designed within the lower levels.

Each of the two buildings feature vertically organized "commons" spaces providing for circulation and visual connection between office spaces and casual space, putting activities and building program to the exterior on display for outside observers. The geometry and materiality within each building is calibrated to introduce, direct and modulate light and shadow, creating dynamic spaces visible through the transparent glass facades. The facades further feature operable windows and panels choreographed by each building's BMS system to open and close in response to climatic needs within.

Design Challenges & Innovations:

Complex permitting: QA provided coordination of multiple site permit addenda across multiple sites, including bridges connecting 2 buildings on 2 separate parcels across a third open space parcel. This involved coordination of consultants and working closely with the permit expediter to align permit submittal scheduling with  the demands of a tight construction schedule.

Planning / OCII entitlements:  QA worked closely with the design architect to ensure the project met the OCII (Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure) Mission Bay development plan requirements and goals. This included submissions for review at SD, DD, and CD design phases and engagement with OCII to review and address priorities, and integration of requirements with client requirements and goals.

Design challenges: The Uber project consists of 2 high-rise buildings on separate parcels, and 2 open space parcels. The main design features are a 6 and 12 story atrium, creating a double façade system and an innovative naturally ventilated/ non-conditioned circulation and activity space up both buildings, and 2 glass enclosed bridges spanning over the Pierpont Lane open space parcel. The challenges included meeting atrium code requirements and coordination and detailing of a complex double façade. This required engaging the building and fire departments to ensure the project met mechanical and life safety code requirements. Specifically, pre-application meetings with the city were required to obtain approval for the mechanical/ non-conditioned space approach and the glass atrium wall rating approach (sprinklers at glass), as well as bridge fire rating and separation requirements. Further design challenges included the bridge / building interface, which required close coordination with the design architect, façade design build contractor, and structural engineer, as well as the façade, waterproofing, and MEP consultants to ensure that  seismic movement, wind load, mechanical systems, fire rating enclosure, weather enclosure, and design requirements were met.

Other Notes & Reference

Mission Rock Block F, Mission Rock Building F

Transbay Block 4

P70 Building 12


Designed by Fred

*Project completed by senior members of responsible charge while at a previous firm.

Exclusive Luxury Beach Club

Jeff Wetzel, Principal

Client Values:
Campus Future Reorganization Strategies
Facilities Migration Phasing and Implementation
Workplace Analysis &

Cecilia has responsible charge and design responsibility for tthis project while at Backen, Arrigoni, & Ross (BAR Architects)

Essential Facility
Public Agency
Historic Building

Apartments: 212 Units
Serviced Apartments: 114 Units
Townhouses: 22 Units
Office Building: 12 Stories
Podium Retail & F&B: 74,000 sf
Parking Structure: 12 Stories
Podium & Block Retail: 2 Levels
Municipal Open Space: 2 Parks
Podium Parking: 3 Levels

Multiblock Urban Campus

Hernan Alonso Diaz - NOT QA WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sports Facility

Owner: Michael Myers - 415 235-3650

Owner: Jack Scott - 701 869 2448

415 Natoma

Part of larger contract with SMUD from 2001 - 2007

Tool Issue Building Renovation & Seismic Retrofit - Part of larger SMUD contract that went from 2001 - 2007

Client Values:
The "Office of the Future" Implementation
Flexible Freestanding Desking Solutions
"Touchdown" Hotelling & Ergonomics Standards

Alistair Shearer
Principal | Project Manager
The Rockridge Group

AE7QA project

Exclusive Luxury Yacht Club

Client Values:
Alternative Workplace Strategies Program
Management Group Integration Imperatives
Collaborative & Concentrative Diversity Solutions

Ralph O'Rear,
Former Director of Facilities
Industrial Light + Magic (ILM)
415 209 2000

Registered California Historic Building
Essential Services Facility

Joseph Powell
Principal Architect, Headquarters Renovation
Facilities Management, SMUD
916 732 6761

Mr. David Gould
David Gould Associates
416 Donal Drive, Moraga, CA
415 990 0125
Owner's Rep

Registered California Historic Building
PUC (Public Utility Commission) Regulatory Requirements, Federal Regulatory Requirements (FRC, NRF)

Public Utility Client, Highly Confidential and Complex Project, LEED Gold Certified

Al Tayer House - Sayeed Al Tayer is a close friend of His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and was gifted the property

Registered California Historic Building
Essential Services Facility

Glen Shuder, AIA - Facilities Executive
Doug Norwood - Project Director
Robert Labbe - Project Manager
Jim Jurkovich - Project Manager
Contact Number: 916-732-6623

Mixed Use Development - Retail, Hotel and Residential

100 Condos, 40 Leased Apartments, 120 Hotel Rooms, 45 Serviced Apartmentws

QA provided Interior Architecture services for AOR, AE7

Jeff Wetzel, Principal

QA provided full Interior Architecture and Design Services for Architect of Record,

We did renders only

Q House, Lovell House, Quezada's old house

Now owned by Al Grumet and Sonia Lee (testimonial from Sonia)

Meydan, AE7QA
We did masterplan and some contemporary homes

Jeff Wetzel, Prinicpal

Shanghai General Hospital

Never built? 
AE7QA project

Tianyaoqiao Road, Xuhui District
Shanghai, Shangai, C200232 China

Never built? 

MId Rise Office Buildings: 6
Low Rise Office Buildings: 8
Underground Parking: 1 Level
Retail - Podium + Underground: 2 Levels
Podium Block: 140,000 sf

28,966 sf site

1639, 1643, and 1649 9th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404


Cecilia's cousin, Florencia Pita did this while working with her husband Hernan Diaz Alonso

Zoning: P - Public

First Floor: 17,477 sf

First Floor Courtyard: 2,098 sf

Second Floor: 28,140 sf

Third Floor: 15,966 sf

Third Floor Roof Deck: 10,869 sf

Total Project Area: 74,520 sf

ILM, Industiral Light + Magic, George Lucas, LucasArts, Presido, Lucas Learning

Same clients as 9th Street in Santa Monica and the Maui projects

Simon Residence

Homewood Residence, Q Tahoe, Owned by Quezadas

Al Wasl Towers
('The Connection' Towers in Arabic)

QA provided full Interior Architecture and Design Services for Architect of Record, AE7.

Jeff Wetzel, Principal

Won 2nd place in a design competition, never built

Cecilia hates all their furniture and therefore most of the interior shots

Residential Tower with Amenities

20 Retail Units, 504 Serviced Apartments, 44 Freehold Apartments, 6 Penthouses, 119, 115 or 121 Stories?

we were AE7Q at the time

QA provided full Interior Architecture and Design services for Architect of Record, AE7.

TMP Worldwide

our design was taken and somebody else got credit

Corte Madera and Sausalito

Photography Studio

Buildings 24 &25

Cecilia hates this project

Marvin L. Peper
Formerly of Barnes Construction
415 984 1314

BGP, Ticketmaster

Mr. Lee Smith (Presently President of Prescient Entertainment)
Chairman, Live Nation
415 440 9700

AIA San Francisco "Excellence in Interior Design" Award

Adaptive Reuse - Art & Media Curating

Client Values:
The "Progressive Office" Technology Solution
Management Group Integration Strategies
"Work from Home" Corporate Integration

Microsoft South

Mr. David Polnaszek
Retired Director of Facilities
650 614 7804

Subs: Structural, MEP, Civil, Landscape, Codes, Lighting, Roofing, Signage, Graphics, Security, Technology, Elevators, Acoustics, Food Service, Art, Fire Suppressio, Hydrology


Registered California Historic Building: Hallidie Building
First Curtain Wall Buiilding in SF
Institutional Client & Board of Directors

Historical Renovation


Stacy Williams
Deputy Director, AIASF
415 874 2620

Bill Groth

Margie O'Driscoll - Executive Director

Symphony Asset Management purchased by Nuveen

Photographed by Cesar Rubio

Christina Mans
415 676 4041

GREE, Gree International

Out of business

Building Area: 457,224 sf Gross
Project Area: 21,615 sf Gross
19,546 Net

Existing Tenant Area: 34,560 sf Gross
31,888 sf Net

Total Tenant Area: 56,175 sf Gross
51,434sf Net

Building Area: 218,239 sf Gross
Project Area: 18,222 sf Gross
15,988 SF

Lew Cirne, CEO
Chris Cook, CCO

Devorah Rosner, Facilities Director
415 404 6719


Building Area: +/- 906,924 sf Gross
Project Area: 36,332 sf Gross
35,062 Net

Robyn Singer-Dror, Principal
Studio D Interiors
917 497 6187


Peter Bardwick, CFO
650 517 8843

Single tower despite the plural name

QA is providing architectural and interior design services for the full renovation.

Satellite labs & offices

Original Design Contract Amount: $329,590

Additional Design Services: $151,450

Former Project Managers: Dawn Kokes, Deva Berman

1st Floor: 27,000 sq.ft.

4th Floor: 37,139 sq. ft.

Total Project Area: 64,139 sq. ft.

Total Building Area: 148,076 sq. ft.

Uber is a collaboration between QA and SHoP Architects. Project currently under construction.

Mission Bay Blocks 26 & 27 + Easements

Mixed Use - Office, Retail, Day Care, Public Park
2 Buildings
2 Connecting Bridges

SF Office of Community Investment & Infrastructure (OCII) SF Mission Bay Redevelopment Plan

Permitting: SF Department of Building Inspection Master Site Permit Package + DBI Pre-submittal Review | 13 Bid & Permit Addenda

Quezada Architecture

Project Team

No items found.
Project Manager
No items found.
Ariel Miller
650 743 1205
Cecilia Quezada
Andrew Bemmes
Clare Hyland
Kale Wisnia

Owners, Developers, Client, GC

Project Team


Bradac Co
Amy Bradac
415 857 3394


Uber Technologies, Inc.
Adony Beniares
408 747 9560

Owner | Developer

Alexandria Real Estate
Carlin Jensen
408 230 7535


Alexandria Real Estate Equites, Inc .
Greg Gehlen
415 321 3808

General Contractor

BNBT Builders
Mike Jackson
650 773 8730


Project Team

Landscape Architect

Surface Design, Inc.
James Lord
415 621 5522

Landscape Architect

Surface Design, Inc.
Lauren Stahl
415 621 5522

Design Architect

SHoP Architects
Chris Sharples
212 889 9005

Design Architect

SHoP Architects
Garth Priber
212 889 9005


Project Team

Structural Engineers

Thornton Tomasetti
Mark Koenings
415 365 6900

Structural Engineer

Bello & Associates
Marguerite Bello
415 908 0555

Civil Engineer

Freyer & Laureta, Inc.
Jeffrey Tarantino
650 344 9901

Consulting Engineer

Alfatech Timmons
Jeff Fini
415 403 3000

Consulting Engineer

Alfatech Timmons
Leticia Soohoo
415 403 3000

MEPF Engineer

Meyers+ Engineers
Randy Meyers
Principal (Electrical)

Electrical Engineer

Meyers+ Engineers
Susie See
415 432 8101

Plumbing Engineer

Allen Ababaraghi
925 451 5710

Plumbing Engineer

Sheila Saiidnia
415 398 451 5710


Project Team

Fire & Life Safety

The Fire Consultants
Jeffrey Maddox
925 231 1604

LEED Consultant

Atelier Ten
Claire Maxfield
415 351 2100


Project Team

Building Envelope / Curtain Wall

Heintges & Associates
Andrew Harmon
415 568 2355


Project Team


GVK Elevator Consulting Services
George Von Klan

Acoustical Consultant

Papadimos Group
Chris Papadimos
415 986 9100

Permit Expeditors

Gary Bell Associates
Eric Jacobs
415 377 0425