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April 28, 2022

San Francisco Animal Care & Control Center Wins AIASF 2022 Historic Preservation Commendation

The jury was delighted to see a building like this given an incredible new life in the heart a community. It is a wonderful project, bringing delight to animals and the people who care for them through the transformation of an existing structure into something altogether new and playful.

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March 8, 2022
Estate Innovation

72 Top San Francisco Interior Design Startups & Companies

We selected these startups and companies for exceptional performance in one of these categories: Innovation, Innovative ideas, Innovative route to market, Innovative product, Growth, Exceptional growth, Exceptional growth strategy, Management, Societal impact

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January 5, 2022

Designing Workplaces for the Human Experience

“Uber was interested in disrupting office design in the same way they disrupted the nation’s transportation system,” Lubell began. “And that’s a good thing.”

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November 3, 2021
Interior Design Magazine

Huntsman, Pfau Long, RMW, and SHoP [+QA] Deliver a Five-Star Campus for Uber Headquarters in San Francisco

It’s been 12 years since Uber disrupted the transportation system with its ride-hailing technology that’s now ubiquitous. Today, the company proves itself another disruptor, this time in workplace architecture and design.

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October 29, 2021
Fast Company

The ultimate office amenity in 2021? Fresh air

...the flat curtain of the facade begins to move. In tall folds like the side of an accordion, the exteriors of the buildings gradually crack open, revealing that their walls are actually massive glass windows. Pulling air in and regulating the building’s temperature, these automated vents rebel against the model of the air-conditioned box. With a pandemic floating in the air and the fact that indoor environments of office buildings are often more polluted than the outdoors, access to fresh air is more important than ever.

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October 20, 2021
Madame Architect

A Hybrid Model: Cousins Florencia Pita and Cecilia Quezada on Physical Impact and Collective Success

FP: We truly speak a similar language, besides our native Spanish [laughs]. CQ: The fact we are cousins, helps. We share a history and set of values, and when we see the results we are able to provide our clients, we know we're doing something right.==

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Coffee Isn't Culture: Considerations for a Return-to-Office That Doesn't Suck

Laura Wall

The coffee cart is a bellwether of precisely what is wrong with the majority of return-to-office thinking. The focus on amenities, both large and small, does not comprehensively consider employee wellness and sense of belonging. Nor does it take accountability for the fact that employers have been building out deeply inadequate office space for decades.

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Roe v. Wade Affects Women in Architecture

Kate Albee

The overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court of the United States has dire consequences for women in leadership positions.

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The Comeback Tour

Julia Campbell

There is no question: the office will be making a comeback. But making the right decision on real estate has never been more critical. Engage your architect early to avoid costly mistakes down the line.

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Quezada Architecture and Florencia Pita & Co Design UGG's New NYC Flagship

Cecilia Quezada

“The flagship is driven by the concept of ‘lifestyle’, which is not only about the products or merchandise, but rather about an ideal of a more free and open space for an open society. The space is fluid, there are no designated men’s or women's areas, they can all be either/or, and the layout can be constantly changed and re-adapted. The custom-made freestanding fixtures, which allow for a more intimate shopping experience, are designed to be movable and flexible, and embrace multiple ‘lifestyles’ and narratives,” says Florencia Pita, principal of Florencia Pita & Co.

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San Francisco Animal Care & Control Facility,
2022 Public Works Projects of the Year,
Historical Restoration/Preservation,
>$75M category, American Public Works Association (APWA)

San Francisco Animal Care & Control Facility,
2022 Design Award, Historical Preservation,
AIA San Francisco

San Francisco Animal Care & Control Facility,
2021 Preservation Design Award, California
Preservation Foundation

Top 10% on BuildZoom, 2021
Best Architects

American Institute of Architects, SF
Interior Architecture Design Award

American Institute of Architects, SF
Special Achievement Design Award

American Institute of Architects
California Council Design Merit Award

American Institute of Architects
California Council Design Merit Award

American Institute of Architects, SF
Design Excellence Honor Award

The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland
Irish Architecture Award
Best of Houzz - Service Award
Best of Houzz - Design Award


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